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The War in Ukraine and the Future of Europe: A View from Capitol Hill with Rep. Jason Crow

Episode Notes

After Vladimir Putin assembled upward of 100,000 troops along the Ukraine border over one year ago, his full-scale invasion of Ukraine has proven anything but successful. Russia’s initial attack on Kyiv failed, and its subsequent setbacks in Kharkiv and Kherson only further highlighted the poor performance of Moscow’s armed forces. By contrast, the people of Ukraine have fought heroically and tenaciously to repel the Russian attacks and defend their homeland against further encroachment. Ukraine now faces a critical moment as it gears up for yet another counteroffensive to liberate its territory following Russia’s most recent offensive in the Donbas. 

Few members of Congress are better positioned to assess the war than Jason Crow of Colorado. A former Army Ranger and Bronze Star recipient, Congressman Crow serves the people of Colorado’s sixth congressional district on the Armed Services Committees and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Please welcome Congressman Crow back to Hudson Institute for a conversation with Peter Rough, director of the Hudson Center on Europe and Eurasia, on the state of the war, US strategy, and the importance of continued congressional support.