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State Threats, Illicit Finance, and Economic Security with the Rt. Hon. Tom Tugendhat

Episode Summary

Please join Hudson's Nate Sibley and Marshall Billingslea for a discussion with UK Minister of State for Security Tom Tugendhat on elevating transatlantic initiatives to counter economic and financial threats.

Episode Notes

Western governments responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with unprecedented speed and coordination, imposing sanctions on thousands of companies and individuals that had previously served as conduits for the Kremlin’s malign influence.

But democracies are still waking up to the national security threat posed by powerful authoritarian regimes that routinely engage in crime, corruption, and coercion as tools of economic statecraft.

The Rt. Hon. Tom Tugendhat was appointed minister for security at the UK Home Office in 2022, with responsibility for issues including domestic state threats and economic crime. From 2017 to 2022, he served as chair of the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, a role in which he led efforts to expose Russian malign influence.

Please join Hudson Institute for a keynote speech by Minister Tugendhat on state threats, illicit finance, and economic security.