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Changing Russia’s Calculus and Laying the Groundwork for Ukrainian Victory

Episode Notes

As Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine approaches the two-year mark, it is imperative that transatlantic leaders keep their eyes on the war. After failing to divide the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the war’s early days, Russia’s plan is to outlast Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic community. To overcome this, Washington and its partners urgently need to supply Ukraine with provisions, assistance, and training to demonstrate a credible long-term commitment to a Ukrainian victory.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia has published a strategy for how Ukraine could win the war by the end of 2026, Setting Transatlantic Defence up for Success: A Military Strategy for Ukraine’s Victory and Russia’s Defeat.

Hudson Institute, in partnership with the Estonian Embassy in Washington, will host a discussion on the report with Kusti Salm, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Defence of Estonia, and Peter Rough, director of Hudson Institute’s Center on Europe and Eurasia.